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Monday, 29 Nov 2021

Kryptonite Bone Complex

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Kryptonite Bone Filler
The Liquid Bone Filler device

The bone void filler that is non-toxic, odourless, osteoinduc¬tive, injectable and has low exothermic reaction, while being strong in compression AND tension.
Kryptonite Bone Cement? is an osteoconductive calcified triglyceride with remarkable bone-like mechanical properties. Created by combining two fatty acids and calcium carbonate, Kryptonite Bone Cement? is the ideal non-toxic alternative to PMMA. The mixing is fast and easy with no vapours or harmful residues and the low exothermic protects the areas around the application in the patient. It also gives the surgeon a perfectly predictable curing curve with no snap set properties.

Kryptonite Bone Cement is available in 3CC or IOCC sterilized kits.