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Monday, 29 Nov 2021


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Interspinous Spacer






The InSWing Interspinous Spacer is a decompression solution developed to relieve pain from lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS). This device offers the advantages of a reduced incision size, minimized muscle trauma and preservation of the supraspinous ligament.
InSWing offers a less invasive surgical approach, requires minimal or local anesthesia, reduces blood loss, and results in shorter rehabilitation then alternative surgical procedures.
Placed between the spinous processes of the lumbar spine using a unique unilateral approach, innovative InSWing is secured through the deployment of a proprietary double-wing structure resulting in the widening of the spinal canal and decompression of the symptomatic level.
Additional stability can be obtained with the application of a band.


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Less invasive

Easy implantation


Opens to relieve stenosis

Precise fit











The wings deploy automatically after insertion and are self-positioning to maximize bilateral stabilization.




Unilateral Access
Implant can be placed from a unilateral approach, offering a less invasive surgical option, which reduces incision size and minimizes muscle trauma.
Preservation and Stability
InSWing maintains the natural stability of the spine by preserving supraspinous ligament. Additional stability can be obtained with the application of the polyester band.


Insert sizing trial into interspinous space and read indicator number.
Band Preparation

Reeve poly band around spinous process using an awl to rotate through the interspinous space.


Pulling band ends, introduce close-winged implant

until wings are in contact with spinous process and completely open.

Bands are secured with flat knots and crimped clips.
IMPLANTS (all implants are sterile packed)

17-0001 Band (1) & Clips (2)

17-0008 8mm InSWing Assembly

17-0010 10mm InSWing Assembly

17-0012 12mm InSWing Assembly

17-0014 14mm InSWing Assembly

17-0016 16mm InSWing Assembly


17-9000 Sterilization Case

17-0100 Interspinous Scraper, Right

17-0101 Interspinous Scraper, Left

17-0200 Interspinous Distractor

17-0300 Interspinous Sizer, Small

17-0301 Interspinous Sizer, Large

17-0426 Circular Awl, Left, 26mm

17-0430 Circular Awl, Left, 30mm

17-0526 Circular Awl, Right, 26mm

17-0530 Circular Awl, Right

30mm 17-0600 Band Holder

17-0700 InSWing Inserter

17-0800 Band Stretcher

17-0900 Torque Wrench

17-1000 Clip Clamp


17-0422 Circular Awl, Left, 22mm

17-0424 Circular Awl, Left,24mm

17-0428 Circular Awl, Left, 28mm

17-0522 Circular Awl, Right, 22mm

17-0524 Circular Awl, Right, 24mm

17-0528 Circular Awl, Right, 28mm