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Monday, 29 Nov 2021

Internal Fixation Systems by SBI

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Internal Fixation systems

The AutoFix cannulated screws have diameters of 2.0mm or 2.5mm; the headless screw design optimizes its use in the articular surfaces of joints and in areas of minimal soft tissue coverage.

The AutoFix screws also have an opposing buttress thread design to facilitate compression toward fracture/ osteotomy and prevent the screws from backing out.


Specifically designed for proximal humeral fractures, it can be used in any of the following indications: three part articular fractures, displaced surgical neck fractures, non-unions, pseudarthroses and comminuted fractures. The P.R.C.T. Plate provides anatomical reduction of the fracture and good mechanical stability allowing for early mobilization



The Carpal Button facilitates fusion of the capitatum, hamatum, lunate and triquetrum bones of the wrist joint. The Carpal button and the cannulated screws are made of Titanium alloy to improve the fusion possibility of the fractured small bones.